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Book Recommendation on BooksThatSpeak

BooksThatSpeak is starting a new section "Book Recommendation".

All Listeners and Viewers, greetings!

Got scared with the title?? Don't worry. Nothing big. 😊

This will be a new section along with the existing stories and articles,

What Book Recommendation is all about? - I will share brief information about the books which I like.
These will be any books - story books, books on parenting, or just any book. πŸ“–
The books are from our personal collection, or from a local library

What I will tell about the book? - The title of the book, author's name, publication, what the book is all about, what I liked, and so on.

Please do not consider this as a review or rating for the books or so. 

It is just a thought of sharing reading moments, which I enjoyed.

It was a fun and enriching journey for me with a bunch of books. Hope you all will find similar happiness.