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Hindi stories for kids - Kachhua (Turtle Story) - Pratham Books

Hope many baby turtles (Olive Ridley) leave the beach, some will return after 15 years to see where they were born and lay more eggs. Out of 1000 hatchlings, only 1 makes it to adulthood. An awe-inspiring journey and an adventure of a long lifetime. Such is a life of turtles. Olive ridley turtles are best known for their behaviour of synchronized nesting in mass numbers, termed arribadas. 

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Under cover of darkness, baby olive ridley turtles hatch from sun-warmed eggs on remote beaches. But can our little olive ridley survive the dangers of the ocean? Find out in this charming life story of an olive ridley turtle, and meet several other interesting creatures along the way.

Original story Turtle Story by Kartik Shanker, translated into Hindi by Bhavna Pankaj, illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy. Published by Pratham Books. Narrated by Asawari Doshi.

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