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Kallu ke kisse 4-Hero Jyotishi -Marathi-Kids Stories- Pratham Books

Welcome to Khajuria – a village where young Kallu and his gang run delightful adventurous riots almost everyday. A world renowned 'Astrologer – Palmist – Tantra Expert – Futurologist – Numerologist...etc' is visiting the village. What could he predict other than the future... class test questions perhaps? Or perform a few magic tricks? What happens when Kallu's gang decides to check out the 'horoscope man'? No need to go to an astrologer to find out.

Humorous story written by Subhadra Sen Gupta, illustrated by Tapas Guha, translated into Marathi by Meera Joshi, published by Pratham Books. Narrated by Asawari Doshi.

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