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Book Recommendation on BooksThatSpeak

BooksThatSpeak  is starting a new section " Book Recommendation ". All Listeners and Viewers, greetings! Got scared with the title?? Don't worry. Nothing big. 😊 This will be a new section along with the existing stories and articles, What Book Recommendation is all about? - I will share brief information about the books which I like. These will be any books - story books, books on parenting, or just any book. 📖 The books are from our personal collection, or from a local library What I will tell about the book? - The title of the book, author's name, publication, what the book is all about, what I liked, and so on. Please do not consider this as a review or rating for the books or so.  It is just a thought of sharing reading moments, which I enjoyed. It was a fun and enriching journey for me with a bunch of books. Hope you all will find similar happiness.

Science Stories - Preface - Vikram Vetaal in PHYSICS Jungle

Listen to the Preface:  Preface about Vikram Vetal in Physics Jungle stories series blog. Written by Aniket Kavathekar. ( ) Narrated by Asawari Doshi. One of the innovative and sincere efforts by Aniket Kavathekar to explain Physics, Applied Physics and Mechanics in simple terms in Marathi. He has explained these science concepts in Vikram Vetal Story series format. That's so unique about this. Listen to the podcast: iTunes: Stitcher: AudioBoom: Watch Videos: YouTube : Twitter :

Birth anniversary of Legendary Marathi Storyteller, Writer, Actor, Director, Musician - Pu La Deshpande

Purushottam Lakshman Deshpande (fondly known as Pu La) - today 8th November is his 98th birth anniversary. We have grown up reading his witty, still thought provoking books. Big thank you to Pu La and to my parents who made his literature available for us. His books list is endless - Batatyachi chaal, Vyakti ani Valli, Gangot, Asa mi Asami, Mhais, Gun Gain Avadi, Jave tyanchya Desha, Vangachitre... List goes on. Salute ani namaskar Pu la Aajoba. Shatashah Dhanyawad.

Introducing Books That Speak

We grew up reading books and loving the stories in them.  Books That Speak is our effort to help our kids fall and stay in love with books and stories - even if it means that they are listening to the stories instead of reading them. There are multiple ways to tune in to our slowly and steadily growing collection of stories in Indian languages.  Choose from any of the mediums like : For Audio stories, tune into different podcasting channels -  iTunes Google Podcast   Stitcher   Spotify Deezer Breaker CastBox iHeartRadio Hubhopper Overcast RadioPublic For Video stories, subscribe to our  YouTube channel Engage with us on Twitter Email: